Don't fight your thirst but invite your thirst

The tea and pan roll ice cream

We create the taste that inspires, excites and delights your taste buds. Each of our drinks and pan roll ice cream tells the story of love, passion, and commitment we have . We get inspired by the flavors we create and always strive to discover new better savors.

Our story

Our son Jiraiya  was born with hydrocephalus, which is a condition of fluid in the brain. Through many surgeries and doctors he fought through it. He taught us to never give up and fight.  He has inspired us to follow our dream of opening a cafe and so the Tea Shack was born.Our vision is anyone can enjoy a cup of Boba Tea and Pan Rolled Ice Cream in a family oriented environment from all walks of life. Our teas are brewed daily and the Pan Rolled Ice Cream base is created daily and the ice cream is made to order.We would love to have your family join our family for some tea and ice cream.

The taste of tea you never imagine possible

Come try are many bold flavor of tea combined milk or flavor fruits, sky is the limit

Milk Tea

Flavor Tea




Popular Milk tea





Honey Dew

Jasime green tea



The taste of tea you never imagine possible


Power up red bull

Pan roll ice cream



Popular lemonade


Dragon fruit



Passion fruit


Contact us

With great flavor comes great responsibility. Our duty also entails the community around us and giving back to the people who support us.We have worked with school to do fund raiser. If you want inquiries about fund raising and wants us to be a part of it. please send an email

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Come and hang out with us .Contact us via email: or call at 209-846-9736 .Don’t forget to follow us!